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At last, a quieter tin whistle! Through years of innovation and experimentation, Shush Instruments have developed a range of beautiful soft-sounding high D whistles.

The Shush Classic Quiet High D Whistle comes in polished nickel or polished brass, with the Shush PRO coming in black satin. The specially designed ‘Sh’ blade and secret acoustic compound provide dampening to deliver a smooth, gentle tone.

Acoustic compound

The result of extensive research, Shush whistles contain an acoustic compound that combines a selection of materials with desirable acoustic characteristics.  The special compound not only dampens the sound, but enhances it.

Blade geometry

The new geometry of the ‘Sh’-marked blade refines and improves upon the qualities of the previous generation. The sound from the Shush blade isn’t just quiet – it has a unique, and somewhat addictive sonic quality. No other whistle has the Shush’s rounded blade geometry.

Polished body

Delicately engraved with the Shush logo, both the polished brass and nickel Shush offer a brilliant shine. The Shush PRO has an elegant, finish in black satin. Each whistle comes with a protective, black telescopic case to keep it safe.

Rigorous Acoustic Testing

The Shush Whistle has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is the quietest whistle on the market.

The charts below show the volume difference between the Shush Classic whistle and a Generation brass high D whistle. The figure shows the highest dB point.

A continuous tone was played on the whistles in order to establish a good average level metre reading.

Shush Bottom D
~61.8 dB

Standard Bottom D
~66.9 dB

Shush Top D
~82.9 dB

Standard Top D
~91.0 dB

As the charts show, the Shush is significantly quieter – even bearing in mind the fact that decibels are measured logarithmically.

However, it is important to note that a simple decibel measurement does not capture the full extent of quietness that the Shush has achieved. A closer look at the chart shows the overtones that make other whistles sound shrill, where the Shush sounds soft. The overtones on a Shush whistle are of a lower amplitude, and less ‘spiky.’

These tests were conducted using an ECM8000 Test Microphone, ISO-Tech SLM-52N Sound level meter, Focusrite iTrack solo Interface, Decibel X Software, and an iPad Pro.

shush whistles

The Shush Classic Quiet High D Whistle in polished nickel or brass comes with an emerald green or ink black mouthpiece. Not only are these whistles the quietest whistle on the market – they offer a distinctive, beautiful soft tone rarely found at this price.

The innovative new generation Shush whistles benefit from several improvements to their design. Based on the Feádog High D, the new Shush whistles have a specially designed ‘Sh’ blade, and a secret acoustic compound that further dampens the sound.