Shush Classic High D Whistle


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The new improved Shush High D Whistle in polished brass or nickel. Not only is the Shush Whistle the quietest whistle on the market – it offers a distinctive, beautiful soft tone rarely found at this price.

The innovative new Shush Whistle benefits from several improvements to its design. Based on the Feadog High D, the New Improved Shush High D Whistle benefits from a specially designed ‘Sh’ blade, and a secret acoustic compound that further dampens the sound. Available with either a brass or nickel finish.

Acoustic compound

The result of extensive research, the new improved Shush contains an acoustic compound that combines a selection of materials with desirable acoustic characteristics.  The special compound not only dampens the sound, but enhances it.

Blade geometry

The new geometry of the ‘Sh’-marked blade refines and improves upon the qualities of the previous generation. The sound from the Shush blade isn’t just quiet – it has a unique, and somewhat addictive sonic quality. No other whistle has the Shush’s rounded blade geometry.

Brass or nickel body

The body of both the polished brass and nickel Shush whistle is delicately engraved with the Shush logo.

The whistle comes with a protective, black plastic telescopic whistle case.

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Brass, Nickel