Shush PRO High D Whistle


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The Shush PRO is the new whistle from Shush Instruments. Benefitting from Shush’s signature sound-absorbing technology, it offers a beautiful, soft timbre, and enhanced playability.

The PRO boasts several features that give it a purer, richer, more full-bodied sound than the Shush Classic, whilst removing unwanted overtones.
It gains from a thicker brass body, elegantly finished in black satin. The PRO blade uses a new geometry to create a rich, complex, and sweet tone.
Using Shush’s innovative sound absorption compound, the PRO is perfectly suited to recording in the studio, and is tuneable.
Modelled on the Feรกdog Pro, the whistle offers Shush’s unparalleled level of sound-reduction, with the most pleasing timbre we have achieved yet.
The whistle comes with a protective, black plastic telescopic whistle case.
Key features:
  • Pure, sweet, solid tone
  • Excellent playability
  • Tuneable
  • No loud, harsh, unwanted overtones
  • Equal quietness to the Shush Classic